It's time to revoke Lebron's Cleveland fan card.

     Why do we in Cleveland think we need to put up with it?  Is it a misplaced sense of gratitude?  Like the Army of the Dead in The Lord of the Rings, James was released from his debt to Cleveland when he teamed with Kyrie to win an NBA championship over the Warriors.  Lebron soon left to do what was right for Lebron in LA.   We forgive him and are grateful for the championship.   It doesn't mean that we have to abide by his fake Cleveland sports team fandom.

    Who at ESPN constantly monitors Lebron's Twitter feed to make sure that the very moment he tweets out his thought the viewing audience is instantly enlightened.   Seriously, that is someone's job.   They wait with the fervor of the Catholic masses looking for white smoke to emerge from the Vatican chimney. At ESPN, of course, Lebron is the deity.  He has been so since his high school days at St. Vincent - St. Mary in Akron.   So, of course they feel it is important to broadcast his every thought about politics, public events and sports.  Who better to platform than a 6' 9" basketball superstar mega millionaire who has lived in a different world since he was sixteen because he won a genetic lottery?  

Lebron the statesman

    But what qualifies him as a Cleveland or even an Ohio sports fan for that matter?  He's a front runner.  He grew up a Cowboys and Yankees fan, not a fan of the Indians or Browns.   Yet he shows up to a comped luxury booth during game 7 of the World Series and the cameras cannot get enough.  Years later he tweets out demanding his buddy OBJ's escape from Cleveland and helps start an avalanche that removes the Browns focus from a do-or-die match-up with the Bengals this week.


    It wasn't enough that Lebron left Cleveland at the alter twice.   The Indians put a statue of Jim Thome in front of their ballpark for doing the same and he was never even the best player on any Indians team that he played.   But tweeting about freeing OBJ from Cleveland after his history is certainly a worthy "last straw" to revoke Lebron's fake Cleveland fan card.   A card he's played only to bring himself attention.  His Buckeyes card can be tenuously held, however, until "Bronny" declares where he will play his college ball.   If he chooses North Carolina or UCLA or to play overseas, it's fair game to take that one too.

    It's no wonder that Lebron feels a kinship with OBJ.   Beckham's managed to cross over the worst of an NBA-type individual stardom into the NFL.  His signature moment is a highlight-reel catch in a prime time loss to a division rival.  He needlessly warms up by practicing something that should never be done with an alternative -- the one-handed grab.   Of course that is all about marketing.    Like Lebron, OBJ strongly believes that his stardom is wasted on a B city such as Cleveland.  It needs to be showcased in the bright lights of New York, LA, Miami or Vegas.

    Lebron told you with his choice of ball caps that he doesn't care about Cleveland's baseball team.  He's twice told us with his feet that he is too big for Cleveland.  Now he's told you with his fingers that he really doesn't care a lick about  your football team either.   

    It's time to end the cycle of abuse and tell the world that Cleveland does not care about what Lebron thinks.   He's not a Clevelander.  He's not a Cleveland sports fan and he never will be.  He doesn't have the heart it takes!   The problem is that ESPN and the national sports media do not care what we in Cleveland think.   As a point of fact, they never did and never will.

    Lebron did get one thing right.   It is Cleveland against the world.  The irony is that Lebron is now starting at point-forward for team World.

It's time to revoke Lebron's Cleveland fan card. It's time to revoke Lebron's Cleveland fan card. Reviewed by AT Dawgger on 12:20 PM Rating: 5

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