Potential targets for Cleveland Browns in Day 2 of the NFL draft

With the first round of the NFL draft in the books and the Browns holding three selections for day two there is still plenty of talent on the board for the Browns to continue to build defensive flexibility and offense depth.

Leftover Surprise!

There are a couple of defensive players who surprisingly remain on the board after the first round that would be logical targets for the Browns, but are unlikely to last until pick #59. The Browns could leverage the extra third and fourth round picks they hold to move toward the front of the third round in order to select players such as Christian Barmore or Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah.

Barmore is a Defensive Tackle who is capable of putting pressure on the passer and would be a day 1 defensive line rotational fit, potentially replacing Sheldon Richardson. He is a plus athlete, posting a raw athletic score (RAS) of 8.22 and proved himself at the highest level of football at Alabama.

Owusu-Koramoah is a swiss army knife linebacker out of Notre Dame who can be deployed as a defensive weapon. He has the length and speed to cover tight ends, the tenacity to be a sideline-to-sideline tackler and the explosiveness to be deployed off the edge on occasion. He is another premiere athlete with a RAS of 8.71.

Nobody would have complained had the Browns selected either of these players at 26.

Let The Draft Come to You.

Alternatively, the Browns could stay pat and draft the best available player that falls to them at the 59th pick.

It is not inconceivable that they might be able to draft a guy like defensive tackle Daviyon Nixon at that spot, who was a productive defensive tackle at Iowa with high upside (RAS of 8.38).

Productive Wake Forest defensive end Carlos Basham, Jr. might also be a fit if he continues to fall (RAS of 9.38).

Even a receiver is out of the question here if someone like Terrance Marshall, Jr. (RAS of 9.77) or one of the Moores (Rondale or Elijah) fall to this spot (RAS of 9.33 and 8.68, respectively).

While none of these players are supposed to be available when the Browns pick at 59, at least one probably will be and a couple might fall in the range where a fourth or fifth round could be sacrificed to trade up.

Potential Third Round Gems A-Plenty!

In the third round there are a number of players that could help the Browns both now and in the future. They include Ohio State linebacker Baron Browning, who has a superior RAS of 9.98. Browning is a better athlete than player at this point, but I thought the same of Ryan Shazier when he was drafted.

Dyami Brown is a deep threat wide receiver out of North Carolina who averaged 20 yards a reception in his college career. He has adequate NFL size (6'0", 195) and posted a very good RAS (83.8). Brown has good hands, but occasionally suffered from concentration lapses in college.

Spencer Brown is an enticing prospect. Brown is a massive (6'9", 320 lb) offensive tackle with amazing athleticism. He was a high school tight end. Brown's RAS is a perfect 10. The Browns have the best offensive line coach in NFL history to coach him up. Brown could be an answer at swing tackle as early as next year when Hubbard's contract is up and a candidate to replace Conklin when his contract gets too rich for the Browns.

Dayo Odeyingbo would be a great pick if still available in the third round. He's a big (6'6", 278), versatile, defensive lineman with the physical ability to bloom into a defensive weapon. If he is available in the third round it is only because he suffered and Achilles injury and likely will not be ready to start the season. Odeyingbo likely begins the season on the IR and, in effect, becomes a 2022 selection. That's not such a bad thing for a team who has more draft picks than players who can possibly make the team. Hopefully, the Browns would also have some experience in successfully rehabbing this injury with Delpit.

Finally, Shaun Wade would be a sneaky-good pick in the third round. While Wade was exposed as an outside corner in 2020-2021 and does not have an NFL future in that role, he has proven he can effectively cover the slot. His NFL fit is free safety. He has the size at 6'1", 198 and is a very good tackler. He too has an impressive RAS of 9.60 and will turn out to be a second day steal after making the position change.

Picks in the second and third rounds are just as essential to success as are the first round selections. A hit means the team is economically filling important roster spots on economical contracts instead of filling voids by signing over-priced free agents. Let's hope the Browns can capitalize.

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