Baker's 11 -- the Musical - Parody

Baker f-ing Mayfield, son" From Baker’s 11, the musical.

[Hue Jackson]
How does a six-foot noth-ing, two-time coll-ege foot-ball walk on,
raised up in the shad-ow of swan-floating John-n-y Foot-ball.
By prov-i-dence, less her-ald-ed, with hands so much smal-ler
Grow up to be a Heis-man win-ning bal-ler?

[Todd Haley:]
The four eight fort-y yard dash sig-nal cal-ler
Got a lot fart-her by work-in a lot hard-er
By be-in a self start-er
By watch-in some film long-er
By fif-teen, Ba-ker was his high school’s var-s-ity start-er

[Tony Grossi:]
And ev-er-y day while fel-low Cavs were raised up and praised up
Back be-hind the line, Baker scramb-led and kept his eyes up
In-side, Ba-ker was long-in for some-thin that was for-lorn
The boy was Jones-in’ to be a true life Tex-as Long-horn

[Nathan Zegura:]
Then sign-in’ day came, and desp-er-at-ion reigned
Our man saw his future drip, dripp-in down the drain
Grew a boul-der on his should-er, Coach Brown caught his dis-dain
Ba-ker vowed from that bad day, the Long-horns would know his pain.

Well, T-C-U done passed, they said, "This kid is in-sane, man."
Only Kings-bur-y called, boy come to Red-Raid-er-land
"Just know you’re Q-B-2, with no schol-ar-ship, no fame,
and you’ll ride pine unless I call your name.
What's your name, man?"

Baker f-ing Mayfield, . . . son
My name is Ba-ker f-ing May-field, . . . son
And there's a mil-lion ways I’ll get it done
just you wait, just you wait...

[Mary Kay:]
When camp starts, scout team, reps scarce . . . but he ain’t down-trodd-en
Weeks later, see Ba-ker, coaches wondrin’ should he be start-in’?
Baker, Brewer, Webb all caught up in the thick

[Full Company except Baker (whispering):]
Ba-ker got better and the others fell quick.

[Dan Labbe (Company):]
Fist up was the Must-angs, and S-M-U could-n’t slow his ride.
Left them with nothing but ruined pride, full of astro glide.
His in-ner voice say-in, "Baker, boy, you know you are the shit."
He started read-in’ his press clippins, and was acting all legit.

[Jimmy D (Company):]
There would've been noth-in' left to
see but then Ba-ker hurt his knee
In came back-up Da-vis Webb Coach-es soon left Ba-ker for dead
Webb was wheel-in’, deal-in’ and lead-in Tech to prom-ised land
Six-foot-five, with-out a loss, just like ole’ Kliff had planned

Da-vis lost his groove, but Coach said we're still com-pet-in’
We’ll see who wins the start-in job: Baker felt de-feat-ed
Scholarship promises revoked, Baker packs for Sooner land.

I’ll walk on again, I’ll kick your ass, and I will be THE man.

[Sooners fans:]
In Nor-man Ba-ker can be THE [chorus:(just you wait)] man
In Nor-man Ba-ker can [chorus:(just you wait)] be THE man
In Nor-man Baker will be THE man
[Ladies:] In Noor-maaan!
[Men:] Heisman, bound!
[Baker:] Just you wait!

[Browns players:]
Ba-ker f-ing May-field . . . son (Ba-ker f-ing May-field . . . son)
We are wait-ing in the wings for you (wait-ing in the wings for you)
You could never back down
You planted O-U’s flag in the ‘sho – ooooo-oo -ooe!
Oh, Ba-ker f-ing May-field, son (Ba-ker f-ing May-field son)
When Ok-la-hom-a sings, it sings for you
Will they know what you did while drunk?
Did they see you jig-gle your junk?
Jay-hawk fans will nev-er be the sa-a-a-ame, oh oh oh

[Chris Berman:]
The pick’s with Rog-er Go-dell now
See if you can spot 'em ([Sooner’s Players and Hue:] Hee, Hee)
A new name for that Brown’s jer-sey, wow
Com-in' up from the bot-tom ([Browns players:] Just you wait)
His drunk-en ar-rest tarn-ished his rep
But John Dorsey ain’t for-got him

We? We played with him

[Colin Cowherd:]
Me? I doubted him

[Police officer:]
Me? I busted him

Me? Buddy boy, I love him

And me? I'm the damn fool that shot him . . . shirtless . . . with that lame-ass tiger

He’s been drafted number one
so, just you wait!

[Nathan Zegura:]
What's his name, man?

Ba-ker f-ing May-field, son!  

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